Senior Management

Walnut Street Center is able to offer the services it does thanks to all of the amazing staff and support workers who are a part of the organization and work tirelessly to provide their skills and services year after year. The relatively small Senior Management team has a combined 100+ years of experience in the human services field, and have all worked to improve and build upon Walnut Street Center’s programs and offerings during their time with the organization. With the ability to have a completely hands on and personalized approach because of the size of the team and the center, they each bring their passion, as well as their skill, to the management of Walnut Street Center.

carolyneChief Executive Officer
Carolyne Guffey

Carolyne came to Walnut Street Center in November 2011 as Chief Operating Officer with 26 years’ experience in the human service field. Carolyne’s previous experience includes direct care positions, human resources, and operational management. Carolyne brings a unique combination of operational and management expertise to Walnut Street Center’s leadership team. Ms. Guffey holds an Associate Degree in Nursing from Bunker Hill Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a focus in management and organizational psychology from Cambridge College and a Master of Business Administration from Norwich University. She began her current role as CEO of Walnut Street Center at the beginning of 2017 and was key in the move to the new Medford location.

juan-gChief Financial Officer
Juan Gomez

Juan began his association with Walnut Street Center in May 1999 as the chief financial officer. Juan has over 16 years’ experience in human services and has a comprehensive understanding of the finances as they relate to the field. Juan is an intricate part of the Walnut Street Center leadership team who strives daily to realize the agency’s mission.


Director of Human Resources

Walnut Street Center is looking for a new Director of Human Resources!  Interested applicants should contact Carolyne Guffey.



Director of Residential Services
Eva Osagiede

Eva began her association with Walnut Street Center in December 2012 as the Assistant Director of Residential Services. Eva has over 13 years’ experience in the human service field with a strong focus on residential services and individual supports. Eva was promoted to the Director of Residential Services in August 2014 after demonstrating a proven ability to provide leadership to a multi disciplinary staff team and to provide the highest quality services across at all times.

Director of Day Services – Please Contact Eva Osagiede


Director of Quality Assurance and Training
Suzanne Henderson

Suzanne joined Walnut Street Center in January 2017. She strives to find the delicate balance of passion, vision, details and data that allow an organization’s mission to shine. Suzanne has over 15 years’ experience in human service management, including residential operations, quality assurance, training, and licensing/certification. She has a degree in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University, with continuing education and credentials in housing, quality improvement, and business. Suzanne believes that people of all abilities should be lifelong learners, and she appreciates being the trainee as much as the trainer.

Board of Directors:

John Mahoney

President                                                                                                                                                  Joseph Churchill

Stephen Prescod

James Griffiths